Chili mango mousse

Chili mango mousse


Winter is still not over, the days are often grey. It’s just time to smuggle a little sunshine into our lives with this chili mango mousse! You can make it very easily and quickly and I promise you will love it. Silky, creamy, airy, just as sweet as it needs to be, and the chili brings a little warmth into this dessert. Once you’ve tasted it, you’ll be looking forward to the next opportunity to do so.

What is a mousse?

First of all, it’s worth saying a few words about what exactly a mousse is.

Mousse is a sweet of French origin with a history dating back to the 18th century. The word itself means foam, and that’s what it’s all about. It’s a silky, light, airy but firm cream.

There are plenty of versions, some with whipped egg whites and some with whipped cream. Some with gelatin and some without gelatin.

chili mango mousse in a wine glass
Whipped cream is usually used to make fruity mousses

Mousse variations

The most classic and perhaps best known variety is chocolate mousse. Chocolate mousse is usually made with high-quality dark chocolate, a little amount of butter, egg yolk and whipped egg whites.

Whipped cream is usually used to make fruity mousses. The amazing thing is that you can make mousse from any kind of fruit that you like. Mousse can be served in nice glasses on their own or you can easily make mousse cake by spreading the mousse on a sponge cake sheet.

What is common in these variations is that they must be cooled before consumption in order to obtain a mousse of sufficiently stable consistency. Cooling for a few hours also helps the flavors to dispense properly.

What if you don’t look at it as a dessert, but as an appetizer? You can make mousse from cheese, vegetables and even meat and fish! You can serve them hot or cold, with crispy toast or baguette.

Back to the mango mousse

Now I will teach you how to make mango mousse without gelatin or eggs. Moreover, there is hardly any sugar in it, as the ripe mango is sweet enough so you don’t even have to add extra sugar to the cream. Fantastic.

Why mangoes?

Why not? 🙂 Let me talk about this amazing fruit a bit and then I promise we will get to the mango mousse recipe soon!

You can now buy mangoes in supermarkets all year round. Here in Hungary, you can get the biggest, tastiest, really ripe mangoes around February. They are incredibly juicy, delicious, their scent and color reminds me of summer. I am definitely a mango lover!

Don’t forget: you can try any other fruits with this mousse recipe that you’d like!

Many of us don’t consume mangoes often. Take a closer look at this fantastic fruit!

chili mango mousse in wine glasses
The juiciest mangoes ever. I am definitely a mango lover

What you should know about mangoes

There are around 500 (!) varieties of mangoes. Their skin can be completely green or reddish with yellowish spots. There are also types that have completely yellow colored skins.

The flesh of the fruit can range from light yellow color to orange and brownish. If its flesh is brownish, is it called overripe. In this case its texture changes a bit, it becomes much softer, juicier (you can squeeze the mango juice out of it easily). At such times, it no longer looks good, but the taste is divine.

If you would like to know more about mangoes, you will find a lot of interesting information on Wikipedia. I now approach this topic more from the point of view of everyday use.

How to choose mango

An average mango weight ranges from 400 to 500 grams. If the recipe contains exactly what weight of mango you need, it is worth calculating that the weight of the skin and the seed is about 100 grams together. So you will get about 350-400 grams of pure fruit flesh from an average sized mango. If you know how much mango you need, the next thing you should decide is when you want to eat them.

If you would like to buy mangoes for immediate consumption, it will be a little harder to find mangoes ripe enough. The mangoes are picked in their half-ripe condition so that they can be easily transported. If they were fully ripe, they would no longer reach the shelves of the shops, because there would be a good chance that they would be puree by then.

However, they have such an amazing feature that once they are picked from the mango tree, they will ripe on their own after a while. So if you intend to consume them within a day or two, you need to look for mangoes that are a little soft. Just press them carefully, not very much, just a little, gently. If you press them hard, you will feel the same as if you pressed softly, but you will damage the fruit.

You have probably seen fruits (whether mangoes or other fruits) on store shelves that shows signs of previous pressings. These will no longer be bought by people, there is a good chance they will end up in the trash. Don’t let them waste.

The other thing that clearly reveals the ripeness of the mango is its scent. Smell it at the stem. If you smell that typical luscious, sweet mango scent, you can put the fruit in your basket.

If you only want to eat the mango a few days later, you have a much easier task because you just take off the shelf the one that you like. In their unripe state they are hard, their skin is tight. If you smell them at the stem, you can already smell it very slightly. At home, just put them on the kitchen counter for a few days (not in the fridge) to ripen.

chili mango mousse in wine glass
Well-ripe mangoes usually have nice yellow colored flesh

A few words about the mango mousse recipe itself

I have written enough about mangoes, let’s see what you need to know about the other ingredients.

Whip the cream well

The second main ingredient in this really easy mango mousse recipe is whipped cream. I used heavy cream that contains 30 percent of fat which gives the mousse a creamy texture and rich flavor. I usually store it in the fridge, but before I start whipping it, I put it in the freezer for 10 minutes to keep it really cold. The freezer has a good effect on it, it’s a bit easier to whip it. I always get a stable, hard cream in the end.

It is very important to use a clean bowl when whipping the cream. This is always essential of course, but the cream is very sensitive. Even the tiniest fat residue or water droplets can ruin the end result. Always wipe the bowl thoroughly first.

I’ve read in many places that if you make a mousse, you don’t have to whip the cream completely, just moderately hard. Well, I suggest you do work with well-whipped cream in this case. You will mix the mango puree with the cream, which is much more fluid than the cream. If you don’t work with well-whipped cream, the end result will be too thin and won’t solidify, even if you cool for hours.

chili mango mousse in wine glass
It is important to whip the cream well

Blend the mangoes

You need to process half of the mango flesh really smooth. A really good blender is always a good companion in the kitchen, and essential when you make mousse. If you need a really good, reliable blender, I recommend this amazing NutriBullet blender from the bottom of my heart. It takes up little space in the kitchen and has a very powerful engine.

I use it for a lot of things! If you need to blend fruit or vegetables with it then it’s perfect. I’ve used it to make soups and desserts, but I’ve already made peanut spread with it … I’ll will write a NutriBullet blender test post soon, I can’t wait! It’s very worth the price, you can purchase several accessories too. It really love it.

Why is this mango mousse different from the others

I wasn’t satisfied with the idea of a simple mango mousse. I wanted to make it a little more special. But I didn’t want a very spicy dessert either. Now the goal was to make an airy mango mousse with a little piquancy.

That’s why I chose my favorite Blue Dragon Sweet Chili Sauce. I love this kind because it’s sweet and has just enough chili in it to make the taste exciting. And even the little chili flakes are visible in it, which is a plus point for the look. And last but not least, it’s cheap. 🙂 I used this sweet chili sauce for my Chicken Momos with Spicy Tomato Dip Sauce recipe too and I was completely satisfied with it. So give it a try!

I played not only with the flavors but also with the textures. I recommend this to you too! Cut the other half of the mango flesh into small cubes. Caramelize the granulated sugar over high heat, then lower the temperature and add the butter. But be very careful! Hot caramel and cold butter come into contact with each other quite fiercely. Be careful not to burn yourself!

It’ll start bubbling wildly, but that’s good, don’t worry, just stir. If the butter has melted (it’s just a few moments), you can also add lemon juice and the sweet chili sauce. And then the mango cubes. Let the mixture bead for a few minutes, then take it off the stove and let it cool completely. This is very important because when you serve it, the hot mango sauce can easily collapse the cold mousse!

chili mango mousse in wine glass
This chili mango mousse is different than the others

How to serve the chili mango mousse?

Even such a simple dessert can be easily made spectacular by creative serving. I had no better idea, so I layered the mousse in a simple wine glass. The end result is very nice. Plus it adds to the experience that different textures alternate with each other.

Place a tablespoon of the mango cubes on the bottom of the glass. Then place a layer of mango mousse on its top. Then the fruit cubes again, and the mousse and then top with the mango cubes. Sprinkle each layer of mango cubes with the syrup in which you cooked them. Put a little of it on top, too. The small chili flakes look good in the syrup, making the whole dessert much more exciting.

The wine glass was big enough, I filled them to the brim, so the ingredients just ran out by the end. I got three big glasses of chili mango mousse that way. Therefore, in the recipe you will see that this amount is enough for 3 people. They are large serving sizes, but I destroyed one alone without any difficulty… If you’re not as eager as we are, then this amount is actually enough for 6 people as well. There are plenty of wonderful glasses and dessert cups to choose from online, depending on how many servings you want to make.

You can purchase a classic 6 piece wine glass set, as I did, because it’s not possible to buy a 3 piece set. But you will have 6 glasses to serve: 3 with the chili mango mousse and 3 with wine. Such a nice combination 🙂

Try to find simple dessert cups. The chili mango mousse itself is decorative enough so you don’t need fancy glasses. Keep it simple with this 6 piece Tulip Dessert Cup Set. These dessert cups are smaller than the regular wine glasses so this is a perfect choice if you want to serve for 6 people.

If you want to make really small servings, check these Mini Dessert Bowls. They are really adorable! This is a 16 piece set with 8 mini bowls and 8 spoons.

Whichever you choose, listen to what I have already written a few lines above: keep it simple.

But finally, here is the recipe of my chili mango mousse with lots of love!

Chili Mango Mousse

You can make this chili mango mousse very easily and quickly and I promise you will love it. Silky, creamy, airy, just as sweet as it needs to be, and the chili brings a little warmth into this dessert. Once you've tasted it, you'll be looking forward to the next opportunity to do so.
Total Time 30 mins
Course Dessert
Cuisine French
Servings 3 huge glasses
Calories 658 kcal


  • blender


  • 2 whole mangoes
  • 50 g sugar
  • 25 g butter (unsalted)
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons of sweet chili sauce
  • 400 ml heavy cream


  • Peel the mangoes and remove their seeds. Blend half of the mango flesh smooth and put into the fridge. Chop the other half of the mango flesh into small cubes.
  • In a non-stick pan caramelize the sugar on high heat. When the sugar completely melted and golden brown, turn heat to medium. Carefully add cold butter and stir until the butter melted. Add lemon juice, sweet chili sauce and stir well.
  • Add the mango cubes to the mixture, stir and let the mixture bead for about 2-3 minutes on medium heat. Then take it off the stove and let it cool completely.
  • Put the heavy cream into the freezer for about 10 minutes. Then use a really clean bowl to whip up the cream completely hard.
  • With a rubber spatula, mix the mango puree with the whipped cream. Stir well or just mix roughly, of your choice. Put the mixture into the fridge until the mango cubes and the syrup cooled completely.
  • Grab 3 big wine glasses (or 6-8 smaller one) and start to put everything together. Place a tablespoon of the mango cubes on the bottom of the glass. Then place a layer of mango mousse on its top. Then the fruit cubes again, and the mousse and then top with the mango cubes. Sprinkle each layer of mango cubes with the syrup in which you cooked them.
  • Put the glasses into the fridge and let the chili mango mousse to cool for at least 2 hours.
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Bonus tips

If you’re brave enough, add hot chili sauce instead of sweet one. If you would like to really spice up this mango mousse, try Dragon’s Breathe Green Thai Chili. But only a very small amount (just few drops) because this is REALLY hot like hell! And if you want a little different taste, add a pinch of pepper and a few pieces of chopped mint leaves to the mango cubes. You can also try the option of not adding the spices to the mango cubes, but mixing them into the mango mousse.

When you mix the mango puree with the cream, there are two ways. Mix thoroughly to get a beautiful, homogeneous, sun-colored mango mousse. Here, however, you have to be very careful not to damage the whipped cream. Stir with slow movements and the result will be fine.

Or you can do what I did. I didn’t mix it completely, just roughly, so the mango mousse got a nice marble-like pattern which is more exciting for the eyes 🙂

chili mango mousse in wine glass
Chili mango mousse with marble-like pattern and chili flakes

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