Another cooking site?


Yes, it is! A brand new cooking site that will teach you a lot, I promise! I’m still struggling to make everything on the website look the way I imagined, but I’ll do my best 🙂 This is a brand new site but every day I’m about to upload new recipes. So you should definitely come back here from time to time to see what’s new.

Cooking… with who? with Réka from Hungary, profile picture

First, let me introduce myself! I’m Réka from Budapest, Hungary. I am not a chef or a professional cook, I never attended a cooking school or cooking course, I am a completely ordinary person like you! My biggest motivation is the love of my life, The Man, who always stands by me and supports me. I can never be grateful enough to him for that.

What is this all about

In short: about food, of course! 🙂 But let’s look at this in a little more detail.

I will show you how to make divine food at home with your own two hands. Whether it’s a holiday you’re preparing for or an average workday, or you just need some supertasty dessert immediately… you will find these here.

I show you the kitchen tools I use every day to succeed. But of course, you don’t need to have exactly the same one that I have! I will give you suggestions about how to replace the tools I use. I’ll prove to you that you don’t need expensive equipment to be able to bake amazing cakes at home! I don’t have them either 🙂 All you need is just a little motivation and a desire to experiment.

Home cooking, but what about vibes?

Every dish has its own vibe. The colors, scents, flavors, textures, warmth or coldness, the environment, the atmosphere… These all together give the vibe of the food. You must have experienced this before. Think about it. How different it feels to eat a bowl of hot soup while it’s cold outside and it’s snowing than eating a cold salad for a summer dinner.

Or here is another good example! How do you feel when you munch on sweet chocolate? Grab that feeling for a moment. Then imagine that your beloved chocolate bar turns into a huge slice of sour lemon pie! Although you love both, it feels different to eat one than the other.

Unfortunately I can’t send you flavors through the website (how good it would be, I can’t wait to have a tasty-smelling site!) but with my photos I try to give you the atmosphere of the food.

All the photos are taken by me, in our home. In each picture you will see that I make them with great care, paying attention to the small details. And all this has one purpose: to show you those vibes. 🙂

Healthy or delicious?

This is not a healthy eating site. But in spite of this you will find a lot of recipes (but not all of the recipes) in which I replace white sugar with some sweetener, or a healthier alternative to sugar. Or, for example, I replace white flour with some other (healthier) flour. Some do it that way, some do it differently. In fact neither is worse than the other, only different.

I think if we’re already cooking something at home, it’s worth taking the opportunity to reduce, for example, our sugar intake a bit. With a little experimentation we can achieve the same fantastic flavors. Don’t be afraid if something goes wrong, I will be here to help you. 🙂

A word like a hundred: I wish you a pleasant browsing on the site! If you have any questions about the recipes, or any suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to help you.

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